Ubud Bali Weather Information

Ubud Bali weather is considered as steady all year round, even in the rainy month; the sun will still shine for some hours a day. If you are planning to visit Ubud, below is the weather information that the Indonesia.travel USA sums up for you.

Ubud weather in general

Ubud weather in general

In general, Ubud Bali weather is mostly the same to other places on the island. Located in the tropical area, Ubud Bali has two seasons all year round which is a dry and wet season. Similar to other tropical areas, Ubud generally has a humid and warm climate. For some places which are located in high elevation, the temperature is generally cooler and high in rain intensity compared to the coastal area.

Dry season – most local people refer to dry season as summer or musim panas. Dry season usually falls around April to September. Even though the temperature in Ubud and Bali, in general, is quite constant all year round, but during the dry season the beaches appear cleaner and the beauty of the island is popping up more. You can still visit the island during the rainy season.

Rainy season – the rainy season usually falls during October to March and during this season, the island is usually quieter. During this season, the sea will get rougher and most beaches, especially in the south area, can get dirty because of the debris brought to the beach. However, it does not always happen that way, but since it is a nature destination; all things are possible as well as depends on the wind and currents of the beaches. During the rainy season the winds will get stronger and the water currents get high. Some nature destinations such as rivers and waterfalls should be included to caution list because the increasing amount of water in the area can lead to sudden flood or water overflow.

However, it will be quite rare to have continuous rain for days and nights. The rain usually will stop after few hours and the sun will shine again. Technically the weather in Ubud and Bali, in general, can be explained as above, but similar to all places in the world, the nowadays weather gets more unpredictable. Therefore, it is better to daily check the weather forecast.

  • Best time to visit

Any time of the year is fine to visit Ubud and Bali. Some islands in Southeast Asia may get hit by monsoons that make it hard or even impossible to visit for sometimes. However, Ubud does not receive that much rain intensity even in the heaviest rainy month. It is important to remember that during the rainy season, the beach currents can get higher and the water may not as clear as possible.


Ubud Bali Weather: Travel Guide

Ubud Bali Weather: Travel Guide

Speaking of Bali Island, most people will visit Kuta or Legian because it is the most popular spot. Ubud on the other hand, may not famous for tourist spot but it also has amazing tourist spots. Before visiting Ubud below is the information about Ubud Bali weather, travel guides, and also places to visit as summed by the Indonesia.travel USA team.

  • The weather information

Ubud is located in high elevation for about 200m above the sea level. The location makes Ubud has cooler temperature than other places on the coast. The weather has no significant difference during day and night. Midday sun can be quite hot and the humidity is also quite high. It is a great combination for temple visitation which also requires climbing up and down.

Like other places in the country, Ubud also has two main seasons which are a wet and dry season. Dry season means the sun shines all day long and rain intensity quite low. The dry season is also the peak season; you may need to avoid visit the peak season. On the other hand, the wet season means the rain intensity is increasing and usually quite high. Since Ubud is located at high elevation, you may need to pack for lighter clothes for the day and kind of light sweater or cardigan for the windy night.

  • Travel guides

Traffic – the traffic in Ubud can be pretty awful. This is the ugly truth, indeed, but if you go a little further to the countryside; it will much more peaceful. If you want casual walk with not much traffic; staying in the village can be the great options.

Try spa – Spas in Ubud is cheap and yes, it is cheap. You can get a relaxing massage, scrub, and soak in a bathtub full in rose petal after a long holiday. The Spas can be found easily on every corner and street.

Yoga – similar to the spa, Ubud is the home for yoga. You can just easily find any kind of yoga studio with different yogi to get you started with the meditation. Whether you are expert in yoga a newbie who first time hitting yoga mat; there should be yoga studio for you.

  • Places to visit

Ubud is not lacking tourist spots. Even though it may not as popular as Kuta or Legian, there are numbers of amazing tourist spots to impress you. There are craft lessons, art museums, whitewater rafting, relaxing rice fields, and even co-working space. You can still catch up to work or simply checking email in co-working space.

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